Open Masters Pairs Mixed
THE TRAINING ZONE, 3 Swallow End, Welwyn Garden City AL7 1JA


Welcome to the TPT MIXED PAIRS THROWDOWN! We're bringing a fully loaded functional fitness event to The Training Zone in Hertfordshire this summer and hope you'll come down for the show! 

This event has two categories, Open Mixed Pairs and Masters Mixed Pairs. 

Useful information:

  • This is a pairs event for mixed pairs (MF)
  • Athletes in an Open Team must both be 18+ by the day of competiton
  • Masters teams must have a combined age of 80+ and both athletes must be 35+ by the day of competition
  • Tickets are live!
  • Direct entry (no qualifiers)
  • Two events (TPT Endurance Test and TPT Strength Test) will be released before the event
  • Two further Met-cons will be released on the day of the event
  • Awesome prizes for all podium athletes
  • Food and drinks available on the day 
  • Vendor village
  • Amazing event partners 
  • Pumping tunes and good vibes come as standard!


  • Full range of motion on bodyweight movements (knees to floor on lunges, hip crease below parallel on squats, chest to floor on push ups etc)
  • Wallballs 9/6kg
  • DB's 17.5/12.5kg
  • Proficiency in all olympic and powerlifting lifts (Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Deadlift, Squat, Bench press)
  • Both the Open and Masters categories can expect to experience some high level gymnastics skills. Scaling options will be available where needed so regardless of experience you will be able to compete, you will not get stuck at a point where you cannot continue with a workout and you will be challenged on a fair playing ground!

NOTE: The workouts are not limited to the above, these are guidelines only to let you know what you must be able to do and what you may expect to see. 


See you in August for an electric day of competiton at The Training Zone!


We operate a no refund policy, though you can change team members before the start of the event if needed and tickets are transferrable. 


Hold Tight!

No workouts have been released yet!


Dear athletes,


We are fired up for our 2023 Mixed Pairs Throwdown at TTZ CrossFit on the 13th of August and hope you are too! 

It won't be long before we pre-release the first two scored events, the TPT Endurance Test and the TPT Strength Test. You'll have the chance to practice these beforehand with your partner so that you can bring your A-game on the day of competition. We will then release the final two Met-cons on the day, so that they remain unknown and unknowable! 

If you have friends that may want to sign up then please share the event info with them ASAP, as we are now nearing 60% capacity and they will not want to miss out on the fun we have planned! 

We're buzzing to welcome you to Hertfordshire this August for an electric day of competition, good vibes, tasty food, pumping tunes and more...

Be ready athletes, this is going to be one to remember!

CLICK HERE for the event page.


The TPT Events UK team. 


Dear athletes,


A huge thank you to all of you that have signed up so far, for our 2023 Mixed Pairs Throwdown at TTZ CrossFit

We're excited to announce that the event is already at over 40% capacity (in just 24 hours) and tickets are still selling fast! If you have friends that want to sign up then please share the event info with them ASAP so that they don't miss out, as once tickets are gone that's it, there's no second release! 

We're buzzing to welcome you to Hertfordshire this August for an electric day of competition, good vibes, pumping tunes and more!

Have a great week all.

CLICK HERE for the event page.


The TPT Events UK team. 

Hold Tight!

No schedules published yet.

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