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Sports Day Throwdown
CORTEX Mixed Pairs Spring Series
Ticket Name Price
Scaled Mixed 2's £60.00
Processing Fees: £4.96
Total: £64.96

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Competition Waiver

Sports Day Throwdown Mixed Pairs Waiver

I agree to participate in multiple fitness challenges programmed by Sports Day Throwdown which will include but will not be limited to exercises performed in my/any affiliate. I am willingly and voluntarily participating in this event. I understand that participating in these workouts comes with varying degrees of risk which may include but are not limited to injuries, illnesses or damages. I can confirm I have no known medical problems that would increase any risk of injury or illness as a result of participation in this event. 

I acknowledge and assume the risk of any injuries or illnesses that may be as a result of performing the exercises programmed by Sports Day Throwdown. The creators, participants, coaches and volunteers at this event disclaim any liability or loss in connection with injuries/illnesses occurring as a result of the involvement in the exercises provided. I hereby waive and release Sports Day Throwdown from any and all responsibility and liability for injuries or damages resulting from participation in events programmed and provided while using equipment and facilities. 

I understand I can request advice from any member of the Sports Day Throwdown team, including volunteers, and if I do not ask for any advice or do not acknowledge the advice given, I do this voluntarily and accept the risk of injury or damage as a result.