NN Throwdown SAME SEX 3S

RX Scaled Team of 3 Same Sex
Nene Training, Nene Court, Embankment, Wellingborough NN8 1LD

Join us for our Same Sex 3's 'NN THROWDOWN' on APRIL 29th and 30th 2023 at NENE TRAINING, Northamptonshire.

You'll be able to choose one of two categories - EVERYDAY or RX - with accessible movement standards for the local level competitive athlete! 

EVERYDAY will compete on Saturday 29th April and RX will compete on Sunday 30th April.

Spectators will be FREE so bring down your friends and family to support!

On-site we will have a DJ, local food vendor and merchandise from our event sponsor NRG, available for purchase.

Ready to sign up? Check out the movement standards below, choose your category and grab your ticket (ONLY 1 TICKET IS NEEDED PER TEAM).


- Full Range Bodyweight Movements (All Athletes)

- Hanging Knee Raises (All Athletes)

- Barbell GTOH 40/30kg (All Athletes)

- Barbell Clean 70/47.5 (One Athlete)

- Box Step Overs 24/20 Inch (All Athletes)

- Dumbbell Movements 15/10kg (All Athletes)

- Kettlebell Movements 16/12kg (All Athletes)


- Full Range Bodyweight Movements (All Athletes)

- Toe to Bar (All Athletes)

- Pull-Ups (All Athletes)

- Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups (Two Athletes)

- Bar Muscle Ups (One Athlete)

- Barbell GTOH 60/40kg (All Athletes)

- Barbell Snatch 70/47.5 (One Athlete)

- Box Jumps 24/20 Inch (All Athletes)

- Dumbbell Movements 22.5/15kg (All Athletes)

- Kettlebell Movements 24/16kg (All Athletes)

NOTE: Movement standards are a guideline to advise on the most suitable category for you and your team. Not all movements written above are guaranteed to appear in the competition. There will be no Handstand Walking, Handstand Push-Ups, Push-Ups or Pistol Squats.

If you are interested in being a Judge or Volunteer you will get a free T-shirt, food and coffee! Click 'Register Now'

We have a strict no-refund policy, however your team ticket or individual team spaces are transferrable should you or a team member be unable to attend.

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