CrossFit Volentia Mixed Pairs 2024

RX Scaled Pairs Mixed
CrossFit Volentia, Unit 1, 20 Paynes Lane, Rugby

The CrossFit Volentia Mixed Pairs 2024

Grab a mate of the opposite sex (MF teams) and join us for a challenging, community driven event here at CrossFit Volentia!

Useful Info:

  • Prizes for all podium finishers.
  • 4 events for all teams
  • Food and drinks available on the day
  • Vendors on the day
  • Free for spectators 
  • No qualifiers 
  • Scaled and RX categories
  • Professional pictures from the event

Movement requirements (RX):

  • Barbell movements (Clean, squat, STO etc) 60kg / 40kg
  • Kettlebell movements (Goblet squat, snatch, lunge etc) 24kg/ 16kg
  • Dumbbell movements 1 x 22.5kg/ 15kg
  • A good understanding of all basic and the majority of RX CrossFit movements. If you are on the fence between scaled and RX then go RX and challenge yourselves, you'll have a class day!
  • If you generally complete most workouts RX, then this is the category for you, even if you cannot do absolutely every high level skill. 

Movement requirements (SCALED):

  • Barbell movements (Clean, squat, STO etc) 40kg / 30kg 
  • Kettlebell movements (Goblet squat, snatch, lunge etc) 16kg/ 12kg
  • Dumbbell movements 15kg/ 10kg
  • A good understanding and proficiency in all basic CrossFit movements (lunges, KB swings, sit ups etc)
  • This category is for athletes that are either new to CrossFit, or those that cannot do many, if any, high level RX skills. 

Want to join a day of fun, fitness, food and an awesome community feel? Grab your tickets today and we'll see you on the dancefloor!


We run a no refund policy. Tickets are transferrable if you cannot attend.

Trans policy: When registering for a competition individuals should enter the category which matches their sex at birth. This applies to individual competitions as well us multiples such as single sex pairs, same sex 3’s and quad squad which requires 2 male and 2 female athletes.  Scores and overall position within a competition will be calculated by birth sex rather than the gender competitors identify as, if these two things differ.

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