Seaside Fitness Series Same Sex 3s Throwdown

RX Scaled Intermediate Team of 3 Same Sex
CrossFit grimsby, unit 4 humberston business park

Seaside Fitness Series

Same sex 3’s Throwdown!

The team at CrossFit Grimsby would like to invite you to attend a same sex group of 3s competition (FFF or MMM) Scaled men and women, intermediate women and RX men on Saturday 8th July. 

Scaled Women (FFF)

Scaled Men (MMM)

Intermediate Women (FFF) Will be equivalent weights to RX women, complex gymnastic movements will have the option to be scaled down to an intermediate level.  

RX Men (MMM)


We run  a classic CrossFit competition and teams will be tested in Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Mono-structural movements, through varied time scales and modal domains.

There will be NO requirement for an individual to complete a specific number of reps, all workouts will allow for reps to be divided between team mates. 


A guide to movement standards to help you pick which division you should be in. At least one person should be able to do the following movements. (This list is a guide only and may not include all movements and if you can not complete the movements below you should go in the scaled division): 

Rxd- All weighted movements will be set around the typical CrossFit Rxd weight. For Example:

RX: Barbell

C+J 60/42.5kg

DL 100/70kg

Power Snatch 50/35kg

OHS 50/35kg



Pull ups

Bar Muscle ups


KBS 32/24kg

DB movement 22.5/15kg

Double Unders 

Scaled - All weighted movements will be set lower than the standard CrossFit Rxd weights. For example; If the Rxd Thruster weight is 30kg/40kg the Scaled weight would be 25kg/35kg.


-Live DJ 

-Food vendors 

-The Daily Grind Coffee 

-Dedicated athlete warm-up area

-Free admission for spectators

-Free parking available

-Coffee and snack bar 

-Sports massage therapists and K-tape

-Changing and showers facilities 

PRICE - £105 Per Team 





CrossFit Grimsby, DN36 4BJ

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