Romanian TeamUP Championship

Open Scaled Pairs Mixed Same Sex Online Competition

Romanian TeamUP Championship is a Functional Cross Training competition addressed to two-person teams with Two Online Stages and in person Finals. 


Open : Male-Male/Female-Female/Male-Female
Scaled : Male-Male/Female-Female/Male-Female

The main goal of the Romanian TeamUP Championship is to offer the CrossFit community in Romania a unique experience in the competitive arena. In order to bring the most pleasant, homogeneous and correct experience, we have gathered under the umbrella of the Romanian TeamUP Championship 6 Functional Training / CrossFit Gyms from 6 different cities:

- Targoviste represented by Green Box Fitness
- Bucuresti represented by CrossFit Nord BVS
- Targu Mures represented by CrossFit Targu Mures
- Timisoara represented CST FitLab
- Targu Secuiesc represented by Old Mickey's Barbell Club
- Brasov represented by Leistung Fitness

The workouts related to the first two stages can be filmed from any location and community on earth, galaxy, universe.

Competition format: two online stages, followed by the FINALS in person.

- First stage (online) January - June. 1 Workout / month (6 Workouts in total)

- Stage Two (online) After finalizing the leaderboard at the end of June, the first 20 teams from each division advance to the Semi-Finals. Duration: September - October. 1 Workout / month (2 Workouts in total).

- THE FINAL . When the leaderboard is finalized, after the end of November, the First 5 teams from each division advance to the FINALS (one-day in-person competition).

In order to be able to correctly choose the division that suits your team, we have put together a complete list of movements, standards and weights that you can expect (you can find it in the description of each division on CompetitionCorner or on any of the competition pages on social networks) .

Participation in the online stage and in the finals in person is done after paying the registration fee. The registration fee is final, non-transferable and non-refundable.

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