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Ticket Details

NN Throwdown SAME SEX 3S
Ticket Name Price
RX Same Sex 3's £150.00
Processing Fees: £10.10
Total: £160.10

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Competition Waiver


The Waiver of Liability Agreement (the "Agreement") is between NENE TRAINING, and you, the Client (individually, if you are the Client, and/or as agents or guardian of the Client). It is agreed by NENE TRAINING and the Client that Client is receiving training services and/or events/competitions and/or utilizing NENE TRAINING’s facilities, for the benefit of the Client, from NENE TRAINING, according to the terms of this Agreement.



Client acknowledges that the NENE TRAINING competition and events include participation in strenuous physical activities, including, but not limited to, running, weight training, biking, gymnastic movements, various aerobic conditioning, offered by NENE TRAINING (the "physical activities"). Client acknowledges these physical activities involve the inherent risk of physical injuries or other damages, including, but not limited to, heart attacks, muscle strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat exhaustion, knee/lower back/foot injuries and any other illness, soreness, or injury, however caused, occurring during or after Client's participation in the physical activities. Client further acknowledges that such risks include, but are not limited to, injuries caused by the negligence of an instructor or other person, defective or improperly used equipment, over-exertion of a Client, slip and fall by Client, or an unknown health problem of Client. Client agrees to assume all risk and responsibility arising from participation in the physical activities. Client affirms that Client is in good physical condition and does not suffer from any disability that would prevent or limit participation in the physical activities. Client acknowledges participation will be physically and mentally challenging, and Client agrees that it is the responsibility of Client to seek competent medical advice regarding any concerns or questions concerning the ability of Client to take part in NENE TRAINING physical activities. By signing this agreement, Client affirms that he or she is capable of participating in the physical activities. Client agrees to assume all risk and responsibilities for exceeding his or her physical limits.

Client, on behalf of Client, his or her heirs, assignee(s) and next of kin, waives any claims against and releases NENE TRAINING (as well as any of its owners, employees, or other authorized agents, including independent contractors) from any and all liability claims and/or causes of action that Client may have for injuries or other damages of any kind, including but not limited to punitive damages, arising out of participation in NENE TRAINING activities, including, but not limited to personal training, nutritional programs, and the physical activities.


No, smoking, drugs, alcohol, weapons, tools, chewing tobacco are allowed on the premises. Additionally, workout bags and glass containers are not allowed on the workout floor. NENE TRAINING is not responsible for personal property left on or stolen from its premises. Premises are defined as the areas in which services are provided as well as parking areas.

Clients with a service animal are required to check-in at the front desk and notify NENE TRAINING staff of any accommodation requests they may have. NENE TRAINING staff will make reasonable accommodations for the Client and service animal in accor- dance with local law. Any pet that is not defined as a service animal is not allowed on the premises.

NENE TRAINING reserves the right to refuse entry or participation to anyone that abuses NENE TRAINING equipment or fixtures, engages in fighting, loud or obnoxious behavior, or disrespectful behavior toward the NENE TRAINING staff, volunteers, guests, or Clients (are all grounds for immediate expulsion from the premises).

Clients agree to allow NENE TRAINING, its agents, officers, principals, employees and volunteers the use of any and all picture(s), film and/or likeness of Client for marketing, advertising, or teaching purposes. Client also acknowledges that there are security cameras on the premises and that Client may be filmed and recorded.

By signing this Agreement, Client acknowledges that Client has read, understood and agrees with all terms and conditions.