Girls Gone Rx UK x Northern Soul

RX Scaled Intermediate Team of 3 Same Sex
CF Northern Soul, Mitre St Failsworth, Manchester, M359bd, United Kingdom

Girls Gone Rx UK is back for round 2 ..... 

Hosted by Northern Soul, FAILSWORTH, Manchester!

Our competitions bring together all types of women through Competing for a Cure.


Same-Sex Teams of 3 Badass Ladies!

4 Workouts, no finals!

Direct Entry - No qualifiers!

Tunes, Prizes, photos taken and vendors!! 


Two Athlete Divisions.


Bar cycling Clean/STOH/Snatches/Thrusters/SDLHP/OH squat/Lunges @35kg

Deadlift no more than 80kg


Gymnastics- Pull ups, TTB, Handstand push ups (option with Mats)

DB movements 15kg

KB movements 16 kg and if we use a 24kg it will be for a simple movement like a DL or Russian KB Swing

Box jumps

Wall balls 7 or 9kg u

BAM (Badass In the Making): Otherwise our 'scaled' division! 

Bar cycling Clean/STOH/Power snatches/Thrusters/SDLHP/Front squat/Lunges @25kg

Deadlift no more than 50kg


Gymnastic moves all scaled - no surprises

DB movements 10kg

KB movements 12kg and if we use a 16 it will be for a simple movement like a DL or Russian KB Swing

Step ups on a box or jumps

Wall balls 6kg at the most

We have a strict no-refund policy, however your team ticket or individual team spaces are transferrable should you or a team member be unable to attend.


£120 Per team 

Donations can be made directly to our GoFundMe Page:

All donations are made directly to Coppa Feel 

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