Trafford Fit Same Sex 4s Comp Scaled Intermediate

Scaled Intermediate Team of 4 Same Sex
Trafford Fit - Unit 1 Blue Chip Business Park, Altrincham, Manchester, WA14 5DD

The Trafford Fitness Series is back for round 3 of 2022 at Trafford Fit! We are an old school functional fitness throw-down in a modern and unique facility. We want you to use our competitions to showcase your fitness in a fun, friendly environment.

Our competitions will always be about championing the Scaled and Intermediate athletes. We are not interested in Rx categories, there are plenty of other comps for that division,

We have lined up an action-packed day of 5 challenging workouts. The Scaled category is aimed at those athletes who are relatively new to functional fitness, who have never competed before or only a handful of times, and is programmed to be beginner friendly.  We have an Intermediate category (Scaled+), this is for the more experienced athletes who are not at the Rx levels yet, we spend a long time working out the programming for this category to ensure the workouts are challenging but also achievable.

We have a top class photographer in Kelly Clarke and DJ in WaxSacks along with an experienced competition team you will be sure to have fun and be challenged on the day. Our aim when programming these events is to provide a fun yet challenging event which remains inclusive to all. We want to send you home knowing you've worked hard and hopefully provided you with a couple of areas to focus your training over the following few months.

Podium prizes will be given to the top three teams.

The price per team is £130 + booking fee.

Terms and conditions apply – no refunds (however selling teams on and making changes to team members is permitted).

Movement Standards are as follows;


Scaled Women & Masters


Dumbbell - 10kg

Kettlebell - 12kg

Plate - 10kg

Pull - Ups - Green Band

Barbells 25kg for Reps/ 30kg for 3 or less reps

Box Step Ups - 20”

Box Step Overs - 20”

Single Unders

Wall Balls - 4kg

Deadballs - 20kg

Sit Ups/Knee Raise


Intermediate Women (Scaled+)


Dumbbell - 12.5kg

Kettlebell - 16kg

Plate - 15kg

Pull - Ups - Kipping

Barbells 35kg for Reps/ 42.5kg for 3 or less reps

Box Jumps - 20”

Box Jump Overs - 20”

Double Unders

Wall Balls - 6kg

Deadballs - 25kg

Toes 2 Bar


Scaled Men


Dumbbell - 17.5kg

Kettlebell - 20kg

Plate - 15kg

Pull - Ups - Kipping - But can use Green Band

Barbells 45kg for Reps/ 60kg for 3 or less reps

Box Step Ups - 20”

Box Step Overs - 20”

Single Unders

Wall Balls - 8kg

Deadballs - 30kg

Sit Ups/Knee Raise



Intermediate Men (Scaled+)


Dumbbell - 20kg

Kettlebell - 24kg

Plate - 20kg

Pull - Ups - Bodyweight/Kipping

Barbells 60kg for Reps/ 80kg for 3 or less reps

Box Jumps - 24”

Box Jump Overs - 24”

Double Unders

Wall Balls - 10kg

Deadballs - 40kg

Toes 2 Bar


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