Triple Trouble

Open Scaled Team of 3 Same Sex
crossfit colchester, co49tb

Same Sex Threes All Inclusive Competiiton 

Female 3's 20th August

Male 3's 21st August


CrossFit Colchester Events pulls together all the best ingredients of your favorite competitions and delivers an absolute belter of a competition experience! The banging tunes, the buzzing competition environment, super friendly and fair judges, and workouts that’ll test your mite but leave you more motivated than ever. We can’t wait to host you at one of our events this year. Below we’ve outlined everything you need to know before booking, we’ll see you soon.

Not only are the workouts fun, but they’re also legitimate tests of fitness. Our aim is to provide a platform for you to show off all your hard work in the box. That’s why we don’t start until 12pm! Those extra few hours in bed are sure to mean an extra few kilos on your PB.

Check out our categories page for full details about movement standards and weight prescriptions

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