Intermediate Team of 3 Same Sex
Peak Strength, 0L5 9LR

Build your tribe and be ready to compete against the rest! This competition is designed for athletes stepping out of the beginners category and reaching towards RX. We wanted to create a competition where individuals of different abilities can compete together, thrive off each others strengths and push their limits. The events will be varied and more importantly designed to bring the best out of your tribe. We will test strength, fitness, strategy and throw in a few surprises to see which tribe comes out on top!

All weights and movements are varied in order to be shared amongst your tribe. Not all athletes are expected to be able to perform gymnastics movements. These standards are just an example of what MAY appear in our competition not exact movement standards.

-standard gymnastics movements (Pull ups. TTB, HSPU - Not Muscle ups or HS walks) 
- 12 to 24Kg Kettle bell
- 5 to 9Kg Wall ball
- 12.5 to 22.5Kg DB
- 30-70Kg Barbell cycling

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