The Lockup Series Mixed sex partnered

RX Scaled Masters Pairs Mixed
CrossFit Saddleworth / Lock32 Strength & Conditioning, Unit 10 Warth Mill, Huddersfield Road, Diggle, Oldham, OL3 5PJ

After lockdown and 10 months of being away after a main road closure…..we are back!


The Lock-up series at CrossFit Saddleworth 


** Insta gym page - cfsaddleworth **

** Insta competition page - cfsthelockup **



In 2022 we are hosting 3/4 competitions;



April 30th / May 1st - Same sex paired


RX - Saturday April 30th

Scaled - Sunday May 1st


** Date pending - Individual Masters (age categories) **



July 2nd / 3rd - Mixed Sex partnered 


RX & Scaled 

Saturday July 2nd


Masters 70-84 & 85+ 

Sunday July 3rd



November 26th/ 27th


Same sex team of 3 (RX & Scaled) 



As a CrossFit competition we aim to deliver a day of fitness that is inclusive for all. Whether you are a newbie on the competition floor or a seasoned competitor; the vibe on the day along with the fun and challenging workouts will give you an experience leaving you wanting more from the competition hype!

With ample space in the gym, for parking and within the mill and the cookery school - it makes for an all round 'comfortable day' as you step up and test yourself 'out of your comfort zone'.


Movement standards for each category; 




Banded pull-ups / Inverted Rows 

35/20kg cycling barbell 

45/30kg heavy WOD barbell

Box step ups 

Knee raises / plate loaded V-ups (10/5kg) 

16/12kg Kettlbell 

15/10kg single arm DB 






42.5/30kg cycling barbell 

60/42.5kg heavy WOD barbell 

Box jumps 


24/16kg Kettlebell 

22.5/15kg single arm DB 




Videos and teasers of WOD’s will be delivered 2 weeks before the competition itself. Then on the day 4 teams will push to make it through to the final WOD before all points are stripped with the winning team taking all in the final. 


We loved having you all visiting the box for our competitions before lockdown. 

We hope to welcome new and old faces back into the gym as we look to kick on once again with the Lock-Up series. 



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