VFC Presents
VFC Presents The Riot
20th November - 31st December 2020

VFC Presents The Riot

Elite Scaled Pairs Mixed Same Sex Online Competition

VFC Presents are a company dedicated to offering a premium fitness events experience for those who compete, by those who compete.

‘The Riot’ is an online fitness competition for teams of two athletes. Pairs can be same or mixed-sex with categories for Female-Female, Male-Male and Male-Female pairings. Teams can choose to enter the Elite or Scaled categories and support in selecting the appropriate category can be found in the ‘Standards and Ability’ section in competition corner via the link below. 

We appreciate gyms in England are currently closed so the first submission date has been pushed back to enable those in affected gyms plenty of time to submit scores once they reopen. 

And, in light of recent varying lockdown restrictions there are contingency plans in place IF another widespread lockdown of gyms is called for in December.

We’ll also be releasing workouts in an order that support a general level of ‘fitness’ first and then the more movement specific / technical movements later so people have time to get back in a gym.

For full information, submission dates, equipment list or to grab your person and get signed up check out our Comp Corner page. 



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